I find a benefit in paying with cash, periodic detention helps with the food co-op, and backups come to the rescue.

A benefit of paying with cash

It was in to a laptop battery place this morning to pick up a laptop battery for someone’s computer. For some reason though, when I proffered them with some notes, they weren’t set up to handle cash or provide change for it. I offered for them to keep the change, and they were nice enough to provide a counter-offer of lowering the price to the nearest five dollars.

Food co-op

This week when we roll up to St Chad’s to make the food co-op parcels, the truck had already been unloaded at 9 AM by some periodic detention people. As a result we were able to get going earlier, and felt much better towards the end of things.

Last week I was feeling quite sore by the end of things, due in no small part to still getting over the last of a cold, so the truck being already unloaded is a pattern that I’m definitely appreciating.

Backups to the rescue

And afterwards, it was a good chance to catch up with John. Earlier that day a power outage on the phone lines in Bromley caused some data corruption in databases there, so it was fortunate that a recent backup of them was able to quickly recover things for them there.

A good regular ongoing backup scheme is something that most of us need to improve on, for we just don’t know when something we rely on is going to fail on us. Even without using a regular backup scheme, the single idea that anything in only one place may as well not exist, so it’s vital to ensure that anything important is stored in more than one location, preferably three.