An idea is born to have computers automatically solve formulas from just a limited amount of information.

Solver automatically solves formulas

While putting flight formulas in to the program yesterday, I realised that it would be good if the computer could figure out which formulas to use itself. If it starts with only limited information, it could look through the formulas that it knows, and realise that it has parameter for some formulas that result in new information.

And so, the Solver project is born, where you give it a series of formulas, and it learns from them what each one needs, and what they answer. So it can then be given just a small amount of information, and it will then pass the information it knows to formulas to obtain more information, and then pass that new information to other formulas, and keep on building up the information automatically.

As a result, for any given formula such as this one for the coefficient of lift:

\text{Coefficient of lift }C_L=\frac{L}{\frac{1}{2}\rho V^2S}

I’m adding new versions of the same formula, that allows it to be solved when different information is known.

\text{Lift }L=C_L\frac{1}{2}\rho V^2S  \\ \text{Air density }\rho=\frac{2L}{C_L V^2S}  \\ \text{Velocity }V=\sqrt{\frac{2L}{C_L\rho S}}  \\ \text{Wing area }S=\frac{2L}{C_L\rho V^2}

As a result, I’m adding in about 4 times the number of formulas now, but it should have a very beneficial end result.