An early pickup occurs for a laptop battery, and the iPad Air is at last picked up from Noel Leemings.

An early start

It was up early for me this morning at the crack of 6:30 AM, and not for the Oxford trip either. Construction-worker John that I met last week was coming by early this morning, for I had a laptop battery here for him to pick up. Thanks to the early start though, plans to get ready for the Oxford trip were easy to occur.

The iPad Air

When my folks arrived for us to head out to Oxford, we stopped off at Noel Leemings to pick up the latest iPad – allowing them to benefit in no small part from flybuy points for it too. At last I can put aside the ipad 2 that I’ve been using for a long time now, and upgrade things to the new one. The backup of the old one, and restoring its contents to the new one went smoothly and easily, although it was a surprise to find that all of my music had gone. That would be due to my doing this on the laptop which didn’t have the music, which will be restored when I sync with the home machine again.

The old iPad has been taken through a factory reset already now, and it’s just a matter of getting it ready for the new owner to take over it, which can occur as soon as it’s gone in for repairs. I got in touch with the repair person, who was saying that this pad has been his number 1 best customer. I have some ablative protection for the new one coming in too, in the form of an ipad cover and screen protector, as the need for such repairs just can’t be allowed to continue.