I’m out in Oxford to help the family fix computer issues, get to see the centre pivot irrigation in action, and progress on restructuring several formulas.

Oxford computer issues

This morning I was out in Oxford to fix and maintain a family computer out there.

With the family computer being used by some teenage children, they tend to get up to all sorts of mischief and so cleanouts, scans, and fixing browser settings, are the order of the day.


While out there though, it was interesting to see how the centre pivot irrigation works out there on the milk farm. It can travel vast distances on the fields, and the way that it’s able to walk over fencing between pastures is most impressive.

Restructuring air performance

During the work of putting in formula variations so that they can be more easily automatically solved from a limited amount of info, I’ve been connecting them up to the existing program. The main intention is to have all of the formulas as a separate outside entity, with the main program itself just providing a way for us to access them.

When I’ve finished converting other formulas, we’ll be able to explore different aspects of aircraft much more easily, because by then, it will be able to automatically figure out other information from just a small amount of initial info.