On a damaged theme today, my old iPad is once again repaired, needs to go back again for more repairs, and Warm Bodies has much to enjoy.

iPad repaired

The old iPad was picked up this morning, freshly repaired and ready to go.

Down at the community centre I took Nicky through setting it up with an iTunes account, and getting some useful apps from the app store. This is where a certain usability problem surfaced, in that the search section wasn’t able to be selected, or anything else in the top-right corner of the screen.

More needed repairs

It was time to get in touch with the repair chap again, this time within just a few hours of having picked it up, which must be some kind of new record. He says to bring it on back to him for a look, and on doing so we find out that it’s the digitizer underneath the screen that has gone. It’s a rare but known problem and things were well with that beforehand, so he’s kindly offered to fix things up at no extra cost.

Did I say that I’m looking forward to the end of such repairs?

Warm Bodies

Some members of the movie group met up at Clive’s tonight, to enjoy again Warm Bodies (2013), and the snack food was appropriately zombie themed, from very well done zombie fingers, to zombie-shaped cookies, to a brain dip.

The movie itself is still very enjoyable after multiple viewings, and I find myself enjoying the contrasts contained within, such as when R and Julie are running together, her arms and legs are busy pumping away but his shambling lope easily keeps pace with her.

The movie also has many quotes worth remembering, such as:

  • This is my best friend. By best friend, I mean we occasionally grunt and stare awkwardly at each other. We even have almost conversations sometimes.
  • There’s a lot of ways to get to know a person. Eating her dead boyfriend’s brains is one of the more unorthodox methods…
  • The Sheldon-like repetition of “Don’t be creepy. Don’t be creepy. Don’t be creepy.”
  • R mutters to himself “Say something human. Say something human.”, then grates to the security guard “How… are… you… ?”, ending to himself with “Nailed it.”

The mostly 80’s music is highly enjoyable too, so I find myself wanting to get the soundtrack for it now too.

Afterwards, some of us got chatting about the likelihood of computers becoming more intelligent than human brains, and went over how quantum computing may be an interesting step forward. But it’s hard to beat even simple physical processes though, such as using rubber bands to form a smallest balance point, or a blob of goo to solve the traveling salesman problem.