Penis size compensation for when owning a vehicle, and the old iPad is picked up from repairs for the very last time.

Penis-size theory of scooter ownership

At today’s community lunch a boy racer nearing his mid-20’s came in who hadn’t been around for over a year. He’s just sold his Subaru to Turners at quite a loss, but due to requiring several thousand dollars for a WoF, he’s had little option but to do so. As a result, he’s looking for lower cost alternatives and focused on my scooter.¬†Only afterwards did I realise how to explain that this may not be a such a good idea.

As I was later on heading off to Mount Pleasant, I realised that it wouldn’t necessarily be a good idea for a boy racer to use a scooter as his primary mode of transport, because it goes completely against the psychology and mind-set of where he’s coming from. I was trying to work out how to best explain this to him, and then it struck me – you need a big dick to rid a scooter.

Consider this – the usual notion of people with sports cars is that they are compensating for a small penis size. The inverse to this well-known maxim applies to scooters too. When on a scooter you get very little in the way of respect from other road users. To be a successful scooter rider you need to have the emotional stability to withstand the judgement of other road users, so that you can then focus on more important things such as stability and safety.

I look forward to his return next week, for little does he know what he’s letting himself in for otherwise.

Final iPad repairs

The old iPad was ready to be picked up again today from Mount Pleasant. The trip up there is nice, but I hope that this will be the last time that I make the 16 kilometre round trip. The pad can now be handed over to its new owner tomorrow, from which point on I will have just a periphery involvement with it in the form of tech support and advisement.