My old iPad finally gets set up for its new owner, my scooter is stolen, and the evening is rounded out with some enjoyable board games.

A new owner for an old iPad

The old ipad was set up for its new owner today, with photos and music and all sorts of other things being transferred over to it, and preparing tons of ebooks books from a kindle format to an epub format so that they will be able to be transferred over.

Grand theft auto

While helping with that this afternoon though, my scooter ended up being stolen. When we finished up shortly after 5 PM, it was out the door to find an empty parking space area where the scooter used to be. So it was time to report this to the police, contact insurance, and make arrangements for the rest of the day.

The businesses around us sadly don’t have any cameras, and nobody else saw or heard anything. Could it have been yesterday’s boy racer just off home detention, who is known to others around the community and who newly arrived yesterday expressing an interest in my bike? My god is it tempting to connect the two together.

Fortunately though despite the new lack of transport, I had made plans to host a board games evening at the Linwood community centre so I didn’t have far to go at all, and could make plans to return home with one of the people from there afterwards.

Board games

This afternoon a call went out on the boardgames network to see if someone could host a board games event this evening. The Linwood community centre was ready to had for me, and so rapid plans were put in to place to make things happen.

Sadly though as it was extremely short notice and during a long holiday weekend, not many people could attend, but those who made it there got to enjoy the evening.

We started off the evening with Carcassonne, moved on to Talisman, and finished off with Super Munchkin.


Carcassonne (2000) is ever the favourite, and Nicky has been more and more enjoying the game, now that she’s worked out that a few farmers to monopolise the land during the early course of the game are an investment work making that pays off nicely at the end.


A remake of an older game from 1983, Talisman (2007) is an adventure board game that’s set in a high fantasy medieval world. Each player has many different types of characters from which to choose, such as wizards, villains, thieves, monsters, etc…, and your task is to travel the world, acquiring bonuses and items to help you as you quest for the Crown of Command, which lets you force characters to lose one of their lives, and ultimately allows you to win the game. It’s a nice and interesting game that I would enjoy playing again at some stage.


We finished off with a few enjoyably crazy games of Munchkin (2001) where you kick open doors, fight monsters, and backstab other players as you all fight your way with crazy cards and abilities to level 10 to win the game.

Enjoyable though the games were, I was glad to see an end to the day, and look forward to better tidings come the next.