Things go well when I contact a scooter shop about a replacement, and the Parklands library destination is to be no longer.

A replacement scooter

I called the scooter shop this morning to give them a head’s up about the situation, and it seems that I’m a well likes customer over there. The owner has offered to pick me up personally on Monday to head over to their store on Blenheim Road to organise a temporary replacement for my scooter.

Alternative destinations

Meanwhile, it was time to make use of public bus transportation out to the Parklands library for today’s DnD session. On arrival though I find that nobody is there. While working on something else while out there, one of the people involved sends me a txt saying that I may not have been notified at last weeks session that I couldn’t attend, about a permanent change of venue.

The new venue is to now be at a persons house somewhat nearby, so another Paul from there on hearing of my transportation dilemma came to pick me up, and at the end of things they were even heading home nearby to where I was going. Nevertheless though, the sooner that I organise replacement transport of my own the better.