A change of transportation plans, Jackie Brown and The Conjuring are seen today, the Irish origin of clowns, and a pivot-point theory of light switches.

Alternate transportation plans

What with a lack of motorised transport today, it was time to make alternate plans for getting out to Northlands. Plan A is usually automobile transportation. Plan B is the bus, and Plan C is cycling. The Orbiter has proper cycle racks on the front of the vehicle, so that’s a good way to start with. The last bus of the evening is 11:17 PM which gives plenty of time to make arrangements around, and I have the cycle as a backup should go afoul with that.

DVD Movies

Today with the movie watching, we got to see Jackie Brown and The Summoning Conjuring today.

Jackie Brown

Jackie Brown (1997) but it just seems to fall a bit short on its own merits. Throughout the movie I’m told that different parts make much more sense when viewed in the light of books written by Elmore Leonard. I’m finding though that the movie is more difficult to enjoy without such a grounding and preparation, which is a shame because it deserves to be liked much more than I experienced here today.

The Conjuring

The Conjuring (2013) is one of the better paranormal horror movies of the year. Directed by James Wan, he’s left behind torture porn origins from Saw, and has become well skilled at crafting together effective thrillers.

Set in the early 70’s and based on a true story this tale is about a family with five daughters who move in to a farm house, to find that there is a malevolent presence that is feeding spiritually from the adolescent daughters and their mother. A husband/wife team of paranormal investigators are approached by the family, and after gathering evidence for the Catholic church to authorise an exorcism, things come to an unsettling end.

Rarely has a child’s doll been as unsettling as is seen here, which is even more effective due to it only involved from a distance, and the sound of *clap* *clap* has rarely been as scary as is seen here.

Irish origin of clowns

During The Conjuring, a child’s jack-in-the-box toy is a focus of some of the events that take place. This raised an interest on the origin of clowns, which as it mentioned on the worst Irish insults and racial slurs and other such sites, seems to originate as a slur against the Irish poor, with their ill-fitting clothing, red patchy hair, large red nose from excessive drinking and plaid clothing. Excessive plaid would refer to people of a Scottish heritage instead.

Pivot point of light switches

Meanwhile with light switches and the differences on how they are activated between the US and UK varieties, where the US lights flip up to turn on and the UK flip down to turn them on, there is a theory called the pivot point of light switches that can help to explain the difference.

Sitting squarely on the idea of the US switches being for a lazier understanding of things, the US switches are flipped up to activate them. With the UK switches, by pushing the switch down you are moving the connector on the other side of the pivot upwards to make contact.

While there’s no basis on which to believe that this idea is accurate in any kind of way,  it can be a handy shortcut to recall which scheme is used in which place.