A computer class is hosted at the community centre for a few weeks, and options about a replacement scooter are considered.

Computer class

This morning a computer learning group was held at the Linwood community centre. The usual place for the old dears at Te Whare Roimata is not available this week or next due to a big garage sale that’s being organised there for this weekend, so we are hosting them for the next few weeks. I was helping them out to get set up with the wireless here, and was on hand to help with any technical issues that they faced. At the end of things they were asking me if I can host a more permanent computer class of my own here at the community centre. It’s a good idea, but it’s yet another unpaid dedication of my time which is something I have troubles with.

Scooter options

Malcolm from Motus Scooters & Motorcycles¬†stopped by later on today so that I can go through some options that they have there. It was interesting to try out some larger engines but despite that, I’ll have no problem at all staying with a 50cc bike. They had a couple of interesting options there, and the vespa-style VPA50 that they have there in yellow is a preferred choice at this stage.motusvpa50yelc