I head on in to AMI to report about the stolen scooter, and have been enjoying Luxuria Supurbia on my tablet.

Scooter report to AMI

It was in to AMI this morning to report about the stolen scooter. Apparently there’s going to be a two week stand-down period while we wait to see if the police manage to find it, after which some form of replacement plans can then take place.

Myself though not wanting to hold any false hope about it’s eventual return, I’m working on a replacement right now which can be paid for once the stand-down period has taken place.

Luxuria Supurbia

Meanwhile, I’m entertaining myself with distractions such as Luxuria Superbia. It’s a an excellent touch-based game that is a pleasurable experience of touch and joy. The innuendo contained within is enjoyable, and you can rediscover the joy and pleasure of touch. The Verge has a nice game review of it too.

It’s a game for tablets and computers, but the touch aspect of tablets makes for a more enjoyable interface. If you’re wanting to enjoy your tablet even more, it can’t come highly recommended enough.