Today I can now easily view test results on the tablet while coding fullscreen on the computer, and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire has a few problems.

Using a separate display

With my code testing I’ve been wanting to be able to test multiple web browsers at once, but without interfering with the writing of code on my screen. Sometimes this is easily done by using multiple monitors, but without that sort of environment some other solution is required.

One option if you’re needing everything on the one screen, is to use a command prompt window that you can make transparent such as Console, which along with Always On Top Maker results in an always visible pane that you can position anywhere on the screen.

My preferred solution that I’ve found though is to use Splashtop XDisplay on the iPad, which along with Splashtop Personal for Windows results in an extended desktop area on the iPad itself, from where I can place anything I want off the main computer to be viewed and worked with separately. This means that I can make good use of a full-screen coding environment, and refer to the tablet on an as-need basis to check how the tests are going.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

I went along with the movie group to The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013) and sadly found it to be somewhat disappointing. Maybe it’s just that Jennifer Lawrence’s cheekbones were too fabulous to ignore, and became quite the distraction.

The first act of the movie goes on for far too long before we learn of the Quarter Quell. When President Snow (Donald Sutherland) becomes fed up with Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence), Plutarch (Philip Seymour Hoffman) who is the Games Master, tells President Snow that she can be dealt with thanks to a something in game theory called a wrinkle. This is the Quarter Quell, which takes place every 25 years and conveniently is taking place this year too, where past victors from the games are the only ones that are picked to participate again this year, which reminds me too strongly of the Survivor TV series where past winners return to participate once again.

When during the games Katniss received a spile as a gift from the sky, and uses it to receive free-flowing water for 6 people from a jungle tree, and even to have a shower underneath it – that’s when my respect for the film became lowered.

What completely wiped out all remaining respect though is when the participants of the games realised that the island in the middle of their area worked as a clock, and Plutarch in a fit of spite commands that the island be spun so that they can’t tell the time of things any more. This resulted in a completely unneeded action sequence as they tried to hang on as the island spins faster and faster resulting in some people being flug off, because at the end of things they still have the lightning tree with which to judge where things are.

And we find out at the end of the movie that Plutarch is actually their friend, working to help the resistance from within, which goes completely against everything that we have up until that point learned about him as a character.

Comparisons by some theatre-goers comparisons with Breaking Dawn from the Twilight series didn’t help things much, but due to me not being the target market for this type of movie, and also due to some quite large problems with the script, this series is sadly one that I’ll be staying away from, from now on.