A Belgium housewarming takes place for Peter Thomas and Letitia with a multicultural theme, and board (and card) games are enjoyed for the rest of the evening.


Today it was over to Peter & Letitia’s for a Belgium housewarming event, with a request to bring along foods from your own country to help make it a multicultural event.

It’s going to be a double event happening both today and next week too. Even though I arrived somewhat late, several interesting foods were still available, and we then moved on to some board games.

Board Games


Sorry is an older board game where you have four pawns in a start area and you need to move them around the track to your own end area. You have five cards in your hand at any time which give you certain moves such as move forward 10 spaces, move back 4, swap places with someone, divide a forward 7 move between two pawns, and also a Sorry card that can only be played when you have a pawn both in the start and end goal area, which lets you replace one of the opponents pawns with your own start pawn, sending theirs back home.

To start playing you draw a card and need to play either a Move 1 or Move 2 card, both of which give you the option to either move that amount or to bring a pawn out of your start area and on to the track. The move 2 card also allows you to draw another card and take another turn. If you can’t make any move, you need to discard back down to five cards in your hand.

The real strategy of this game in a 4 player game is to team up with the player across from you, so that you can both work together to prevent the other players from gaining an advantage, and the end of the game can extend out quite a bit as everyone tries to prevent everyone else from getting the last of their pieces home.


Saboteur is a dwarf mining game where one of the players is a hidden saboteur, and everyone else is trying to lay down cards from their hand to extend a dwarf mine. At the other end of the mine are three cards where one is gold and the other two are coal. Your objective is obtain a team win by extending the mine to the gold. The saboteur is to remain unknown and to prevent the mine from reaching its target.

The cards in this game consist of different pathways for the mine including deadends, ways to prevent other players from playing such as a broken mine cart or no lantern, and counters for such plays that let you cancel those effects. There are also some cards that let you peek at a destination card too, so that you can tell them what it is. But are you the saboteur or are you telling the truth? That’s the challenge of the game.


Kakerlakenpoker is a fun bluffing game. The deck of cards contains eight different types of creatures such as stink bugs, bats, cockroaches, flies, etc. and the deck is dealt out to everyone that is playing.

When it’s your turn, you are to hand one of your cards face down to someone else and say what it is, such as “It is a stink bug”. You may be lying or not, and they have three options. They can agree or disagree with you, at which point it is turned over and the incorrect person gains the card, or they can look at it privately themself and then pass it face down to someone else to try and bluff them.

If you lose and end up gaining a card, it then becomes your turn to bluff someone else with a new card from your hand. You losee the game when you end up with 4 of the same card in front of you, or when they have all eight different types of cards.

This is a fun party game, and is an entertaining way  to have some casual entertainment.


Lastly we finished up with a simple but fun game about building and judging sandwiches. It’s played in three rounds, where you snatch ingredients, build the sandwiches, then judge them.

You start with a hand of 9 random ingredients for a sandwich, and all players play in ingredient on the table before snatching one of the played ingredients from another player. After all have been played and picked, you make three different sandwiches from your rapidly picked 9 ingredients, and pass them to the three players on your left.

Each player then decides which sandwich they like best and score them in order with 3, 2, or 1 point.The ingredients to represent the points are handed back to the player who made them, and the player at the end with the most points is the winner.

How do you justify strawberry jam with prawns, and what happens if you’re too slow and end up with a cockroach a an ingredient? This is a crazy game that ends up with lots of hilarity.