A trip to pick up a parcel goes awry, computer classes arrive with no desks, and suspension of disbelief is broken.

Post Shop Parcel

I wanted to collect a parcel that NZ Post tried to deliver in the weekend. The delivery person left the address of where I can go to pick it up, that being 317 Pages Road, which I thought would be an easy task to perform. Oh how little did I know.

nz post delivery missed - cropped

Cycling out first thing in the morning to be there at 8:30 AM, I find that the business at 317 Pages Road is a Chicken-based takeaway shop.

317 pages road

But it definitely is 317 Pages Road, the building number is just left of the Westpac ATM and they even have post boxes out front. Maybe they are a business that does double-duty on such things, but it does seem to be a strange situation.

317 pages road - building number

Their opening hours sign shows that they don’t open until 11 AM. At least from their closing hours I’ll have plenty of time to return at the end of the day. When I do return though after dinner, I find that the post shop is a part of the pharmacy hidden down at the other end of the carpark. So I’ll be cycling back here again tomorrow morning to find out what parcel is waiting for me here.

Computer class desks

This morning I’m asked to open up the Community Centre earlier than usual this morning, instead of attending the Monday morning meeting, because we have some people from Te Whare Roimata who are here instead for a computer class. An interesting challenge though is that the trestle tables that we use here all left at the end of last week to help out with the Te Whare Roimata garage sale in the weekend.

As a result, I ended up pulling out an office table on which to situate some of them, and a few small desks made do for the rest.

Suspension of disbelief

While writing about a movie the other day I was trying to express a problem that I had with the movie in terms of a well known movie term, but I just couldn’t recall that term. Had I gone to TV Tropes at the time I would have found just what I was looking for.

The term that I was wanting to come up with is the suspension of disbelief. When events in a movie cause you to lose your suspension of disbelief, which can be disastrous for a movie.

Now that I’ve been to TV Tropes though I’m going to be clicking through the Random Trope button for a while, for some interesting things turn up and give you good material that is enjoyable to delve in to.