The ordered iPad cover is finally retrieved, the benefits of writing unit tests, and a Go club Christmas holiday decision is made.

iPad cover

It was back to the post shop again this morning to finally pick up the parcel, and the tablet cover was finally here. The cover is a nice shade of scarlet, but doesn’t come with a screen protector that I had also ordered so hopefully that will arrive at some stage too.


Benefits of testing

Progress continues on the air performance program, but no further changes have occurred to the program. Instead, because I am planning for a series of formulas to be automatically used to solve whatever is needed, I’m writing unit tests that help to check that those formulas do the job that is expected of them.

They aren’t used yet by the program, and the tests are something that I missed out when I entered them. As a result there are no tests to ensure that they do what they are expected to do. Those tests are something that I should have done before putting in each formula, and so now I’m having to face the pain of going back over them to put the tests in place.

As a result, I’m finding that a few of the formulas have troubles that I did not know of before, and can now be fixed up and corrected. I’m also finding that I’m making adjustments to them so that they are easier to test, which in turn makes it easier for modifications to later on be made to the program. This lends a great incentive to carry on the test first paradigm so that such benefits can be continued.

Christmas decision

At the Go board games evening we came to a decision on how and when we’ll be operating over Christmas, and it turns out that we’ll be operating all the way through.┬áThe evenings will fall on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve this year instead of being actually on the days as occurred last year, so the group decided that keeping things going throughout wouldn’t be much trouble at all.

With the Christmas break coming up I’m looking forward to delving more in to Go and making some improvements to my level of play.