Some of the best tv shows are enjoyed, and a cycling trip back home isn’t with its issues.

TV Shows

Due to the large number of tv shows on hand, there were no movies to be seen today. It will be quite the disappointment when these shows end and we have to try and find as-good material in movies instead.

The Walking Dead

After a few weeks without having seen it, this week what with American thanksgiving delays was a good time to catch up with the Walking Dead series. What with a slow start with the prison infection, it was a good change of pace when things moved on to explore the Governor hitting bottom and starting to redeem himself.

The Sopranos

Then we finished off the final episodes of The Sopranos, which has resulted in vast amounts of conversation about the meaning of the end, including vast works such as this Definitive Explanation of “The End”. I admire David Chase for this – for the mystery has become more important than the message itself, and it is the discussion over mysteries like this that allow such things to endure.

Doctor Who

After such an interesting ending with The Sopranos, it was time for the 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who – The Day of the Doctor where three Doctors team up over the end of Gallifrey, and together manage to protect it from destruction by freezing it in time and shunting it to a secondary universe. Billy Piper (who has seen better days) was encouraged to return and reprise Rose Tyler, alibi as an artificial construct for the War Doctor (John Hurt). Clara (Jenna Coleman) the more recent Doctor’s companion though is doing very well.


We finished off these big shows with the Best Boys episodes from Cracker which dealt with a subtle gay relationship that led the police somewhat in circles. The way that Fitz’s life keeps breaking down shouldn’t be as enjoyable to observe as we see here either, but somehow despite the problems that are affecting him we feel great empathy for his situation too.

The long road home

I thought that I could finish up tonight in time to catch the last bus at 23:17 tonight, but at 23:20 when I left hope was growing thin. Perhaps I could still make it though. When I got there though the time-to-wait indicator showed out of service instead. I would need to cycle home some 10 kilometres on the long road instead.

On the way I say a few out of service buses as they too were heading home for the night, and as I was nearing the 70% mark on Avonside Drive I was starting to get too hot and needed to divest myself of the jersey. Oh no! It’s caught on my helmet. I can’t see and am going to crash! But my ipad is in the back of my belt. I can’t let anything happen to that.

I manage to remain upright and carry on, and realise that pulling over first really would have been the smarter thing to do.