A helping hand is given for newsletters, the new scooter arrives, a jackpot problem occurs at the pub quiz, and a new tablet is set up.

News on I.C.E

The News on I.C.E (Inner City East) newsletter came in this morning to be folded and prepared for delivery. So it was right on to IDEA Services so that some IHC people can enjoy helping out with the task.

When they arrived this afternoon to fold up a few thousand in preparation for delivery they all enjoyed the process, so their ongoing assistance is going to be looked forward to next year when other newsletters come along.

New scooter

The new scooter was ready for me on Saturday, but due to timing issues I felt that it would be best to leave things until later on today. It’s a nice bike that is currently limited to 50 kph for the first 300 kilometres to break-in the engine, but after that the limit will be removed and it’ll be smooth sailing from there.

Pub quiz

I was asked to come back as host for the movie group pub quiz today, where we ended up doing fairly well coming in at 3rd overall. The jackpot quiz at the end of things though didn’t go as smoothly though, for the organisers had the wrong set of answers to them, and so will let us know next week whether anyone from this week won the jackpot.

Felix’s iPad

After the pub quiz it was over to Felix’s place. He’s recently purchased an iPad from off Trade Me. It seems to be in good nick, so after setting him up with an iTunes account and getting software updates done to the pad, it was time to bring things to a successful close and call things a night. Further efforts can be carried on tomorrow.