Success with a clinical study treatment continues, a business backup system is improved, and more is to be learned about the game of Go.

Clinical Study

It was in to CCST (Christchurch Clinical Studies Trust) this morning for a follow-up on my recent treatment, and results are looking good. It’s early days yet but results maintain through to the end of the year, and even to the end of the monitoring next year, then it can be said that I’ve been successfully cured of the Hepatitis C virus that I’ve had since I was 6 years old.

I’ve been noticing though that some issues crop up when I go in. The temperature gun they stick in your ear constantly fails to get results for me, and yet they still insist on still using it before pulling out a thermometer to stick under my tongue. Still, if it is because I have narrower ear canals than usual then I now have a valid excuse for things.

Backup system

Due to my heading on in to Christine Products to supply them with a replacement external backup drive, some of the day was spent developing useful checks for a new backup program, so that it can give a warning if for example the database files are still being used, or if the backup drive no longer exists. That way, action can take place if such problem occur in the future.

Go club

At tonight’s Go club I found that stronger players sometimes play moves that are difficult to understand, and only become apparent further in to the game. Something that I should work on is to take some time to think more about such moves, to try to¬†understand more about their motivation at the time.