I try my hand at writing some LaTeX directly as source code, and a Criss Angel elephant herd vanish ended up being much less than advertised.


In an attempt to try to clarify some formula issues, I’ve been laying them out with the TeXworks instead of scribbling them down on scraps of paper and results with the formulas are looking good.

One of the issues that I at first found was that the LaTeX syntax can take some getting used to. You can’t get started without referring to reference material, so what can help is a good getting started introduction.

I am tempted though to try out other laTeX editors, but what with the wide range of LaTeX editors, the ability to procrastinate could increase quite dramatically.

Elephant Herd Vanish

Tonight I heard about how Criss Angel vanished an entire elephant herd, which managed to take my interest. How did he do it, and was there anything on his portrayal of it that might point to how it was done?

After watching the show though it became immediately apparent that this was poorly executed. It was four elephants in the middle of a sports arena, with audience members handcuffed together in a semi-circle around them. When the drapes went up then came back down, it was clearly obvious that the elephants had been instructed to lie down near each corner, with the drapes being folded down on top of them.

The power of suggestion just might convince others that something else may have occurred, but it’s a shame really. He’s done much better work in the past.