Tonight it was off to Ron’s place in Mount Pleasant to enjoy Plots With A View (2002), also known as Undertaking Betty.

Plots With A View (2002)

The movie is an English black comedy set in a small Wales village. Thirty years ago Betty at a school dance was attracted to Boris Plots but Hugh took her hand first setting up a classic wrong guy first situation. Thirty years later we find that there are two main stories in the movie that intertwine.

Betty (Brenda Blethyn) is married to Hugh (Robert Pugh), an unlikable city councillor who’s having an affair with his secretary. When his mother dies and funeral arrangements are made, Betty finds that Boris (Alfred Molina) owns the town’s funeral parlour, and learns that he shares her love of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Meanwhile, a competing funeral parlour business run by Frank (Christopher Walken) has come to town, who intend to provide Las Vegas-style funerals with all the glitz and none of the dignitas.

Boris hatches a plan for him and Betty to be together, where they fake her death then sail off on a Princess Cruise to Tahiti. Things don’t go exactly to plan though and while Betty pretends to be dead during her open-coffin funeral, she learns what Hugh has been up to. When Frank breaks in to learn how Boris achieved such a life-like appearance for Betty, and the stage is set for Betty to convince Frank with his props and paraphernalia to fake a haunting on Hugh and his mistress to bring things to an end.

It’s an enjoyable low-budget English film with lots of heart and enjoyable pythonesque sequences.