I get something special from Mediterranean Foods, face issues with attending the food coop, and come to a resolution with an undelivered parcel.

Mediterranean Food Company

First thing off today it was out to the Mediterranean Food Company to pick up some Amaretto that they had on special, which should for a nice Christmas gift.

It’s a shame that I had to head off immediately though, for it would have been nice to spend more time exploring more of what they had to offer there.

Food coop issues

At this mornings Monday meeting with Te Whare Roimata I found out that I won’t be helping with the food coop next week due to an all-day outing with the whanau, I’m getting to attend the food coop less and less now due to other duties that I’m now being relied on. Last week I couldn’t go either as I was manning the fort as the manager wasn’t here, and may have to do similar this week too due to a funeral that is being arranged this week.

NZ Post Shop

Last month I ordered some iPad cases and screen protectors, and when the cases arrived I got in touch with the seller about the screen protectors that hadn’t arrived. They claimed that the screen protectors hasn’t been ordered and no email record exists of what was purchased.

Fortunately they arrived and were able to be picked up today, so while waiting in a very long line that stretched outside of the building, it was a good opportunity to get some other paperwork sorted out.

Eventually I reached the front where I faced a dilemma – NZ Post are only responsible for ensuring that the parcel gets delivered to me, so it’s not appropriate for me to withhold my signature while checking the parcel contents. The Postal Users Guide (PDF) has some good details on the process involved. If anything from overseas is damaged, the overseas sending company needs to be contacted first.

An alternative too that I’ve seen from elsewhere is that instead of signing off on the delivery, to instead write “unchecked” which can give you some additional protection if it’s needed later on.