This week plans are made for next week’s food coop as we’ll be away, and Goodbye Pork Pie provides a welcome hit of nostalgia.

Plans for next week’s food coop

Today plans at the Linwood community centre were being nailed down for next week’s food coop. As members of staff are all heading out for an event, there will be nobody at the community centre to help with the food coop. To deal with this, we’ll have alternate plans to be open at some parts of Wednesday, and of course all through Thursday.

Management are making plans to have an extra someone help out with the packing, and to then deliver to the community centre and keep it open from 12:30 to 13:30. After that, I’ll attempt to return from the outing by 4 so that we can have the place open for another hour so that anyone can come by to pick up their groceries.

The main challenge now is going to be in notifying all of the people involved, which can be dealt with when they come in this week to place next week’s orders.

Goodbye Pork Pie

It was off to Susan’s place in Cashmere tonight to enjoy some good company and Goodbye Pork Pie. Without a map or taking sufficient directions though, I ended up in a no exit street with signs saying “residents only” and such-like, so it was back out to buy a map to keep in the scooter, and find out where I was really supposed to go.

Goodbye Pork Pie (1981) is the epitome of a New ZealandĀ feel-good road-trip movie. It thumbs the nose at a time when petrol shortage resulted in car less days where you weren’t allowed to drive on certain days without an exemption. The movie is also a reaction to how the rise in petrol prices resulted in a lot of small petrol stations going out of business.

Middle-aged John is left by his wife who flies from Auckland down to Invercargill, and he attempts to get a ride from the bus station but finds himself with not enough money for a ticket. Unemployed Gerry hires a car from Kaitaia using a lost identity he recently found. The two meet up in Auckland when Gerry is pulled over for not wearing a seatbelt. John helps him out and the two team up for a wild ride down South while attempting to evade the police.

There’s a wonderfully carefree approach taken to this movie, and the places they visit along the way strike a sense of nostalgia for the old days.