I attend my last food co-op of the year, and creating placecards for tomorrows xmas dinner event proves to be more troubling than expected.

Last food co-op for the year

Even though the food co-op has another week to go, today is my last day there for the year as next week I’ll be off to enjoy a staff BBQ outing instead.

It was packing pumpkins and containers of tomatoes for me today, which has resulted in quite a bit of staining of my fingers from the pumpkin skins. It’s taking more than just soap to shift it too – some form of abrasive is required to help shift things. It leaves me wondering just what it is about pumpkins that results in such an effect.

Xmas placecards

Due to the Christmas lunch happening tomorrow, I’m creating some personalised placecards using coloured card, for people on the tables. It’s not so easy to create them though as I don’t have Microsoft Office ready to hand. The closest equivalent that I have is Libre Office, but even that doesn’t make the task quite so easy.

There are instructions for Libre Office on creating printing label and business cards┬ábut even with those instructions it’s nowhere near as easy as with Microsoft Office. So I’ve ended up just using the normal word processor to create the placecards using 3 columns per page and plenty of paragraph spacing, and so that they end up being doublesided placecards there is a similar document with the names in reverse, so that two prints are done per page to achieve the upside down text.

After much testing on paper it’s time to get the cards done, after which a straight-edge and crafting knife are employed to try and achieve a consistent result, and that side of things is now all ready for tomorrows event.