The troubles with being barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, and we got to enjoy the Prisoners and Red 2 movies.

Barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen

Earlier today I was reminded about the negative idea of a woman being “barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen”, and realised that when viewed separately, they’re all good and positive aspects.


Normally people wear sensible shoes, but what is preferred and when? When out and about at fancy occasions high heals are worn, but at the first opportunity off they come as they’re too uncomfortable to wear. In the home sensible shoes are commonly not worn so as to not track dirt throughout the home. Not only are we asked to remove shoes at the door but many people consider that going barefoot around the home to be a freedom to be enjoyed.


To be pregnant is a positive thing of course, and when someone is pregnant quite a fuss is made over them due to their situation being special and desired.


To be a fabulous cook in the kitchen is seen as quite the achievement. To not spend time in the kitchen and be bad at cooking is even something that we commonly apologise about. Food channels are always being watched and enjoyed, even if our cooking skills are in need of improvement. Anyone who enjoys spending time in the kitchen is living the good life.

All together now?

The problem though comes in when they are combined together, for they form quite the controversial stereotype instead, which is quite the pity. What could be more enjoyable than enjoying the summer being barefoot in shorts while cooking up a storm?



Prisoners (2013) is a challenging drama about salt-of-the-earth Keller (Hugh Jackman). During a thanksgiving party two daughters go missing, his own and that of his best friend, and focuses on the extreme measures a father is compelled to take to try to get them back, and the tenaciousness of detective Loki (Jake Gyllenhaal) as he tries to ensure that no stone is left unturned.

The movie is beautifully shot and has a compelling sense of realism about it. Even though the multiple suspects all have eventually well understood reasons, the parts where Keller keeps a suspect prisoner seems to have been added on to what would have been a very well done police procedural drama. It certainly gave Hugh an opportunity to rage in some enjoyable ways, but other than that it didn’t seem to add much overall to the rest of the story and could have been done without.

Red 2

Enjoying Red 2 (2013) made for a nice change of pace, which seemed to have a similar upbeat charm that we enjoyed in Hudson Hawk.

Frank (Bruce Willis) and Marvin (John Malkovich) are retired international spies who are pulled back in. Frank is trying to have a loving relationship with Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker) when they get informed that Frank and Marvin are on a hit list.

As their attempt to resolve things takes them to Paris, London and Moscow with wonderful performances from Catherine Zeta-Jones, Helen Mirren, and Anthony Hopkins, it becomes clear that this is one of those rare sequels that is better than the original.