Today I set up a tractor-feed printer, attend a sceptics group at the Pegasus Arms, and find some improvements to my Go game.

Tractor-fed printer

This morning it was out first thing to service a client as their new dot-matrix printer has arrived. Since they have a dos program that prints directly to LPT1 and the new printer is connected via a USB cable, getting that working was as easy as setting up a share on the printer and redirecting it LPT1 to that shared printer.

C:\Users\Mike> net use lpt1 \\mike\epson /persistent:yes

Even today there’s a definite need for tractor-fed printing, but I’ve been noticing a change in the design aesthetic. Old printers are made to never die, which results in them being more expensive to make, and the company ends up with less return business. Modern printers by comparison are by comparison much more fragile.

Merry Mythmas

Tonight I was off to the Pegasus Arms for a sceptics meetup and pub quiz. After arriving though I found that I couldn’t recognise anyone who was supposed to be there, and as a result made haste to tonight’s Go club instead.


Tonight I’ve been finding success with a divide and conquer strategy. This results in my opponent having several weak groups on the board, which can be done by attacking between two weak groups.

I’ll have to watch out though for some deadly sins, for I have a bad habit of being lazy by not reading out potential lines of play.