First 300 KM service of the scooter, an BBQ picnic at the Groynes, and where did the food co-op packs get to?

300 KM Scooter check

Today found me taking the scooter in for it’s first 300 KM check-up all the way over to Blenheim Road, before making my own way back to the Linwood Art Gallery before 9:30 to spend the day with them at the Groynes.

After receiving the new helmet from My Motus, there was very little wrong to report about the scooter. There are issues such as it having a hard seat and being easier to lose balance than the previously owned Baotian Victoria, but the only mechanical trouble is that the brakes are softer than desired, which is easy to resolve.

Catching the bus back I was surprised to find that I was going to be early, so some time was spent at the bus exchange enjoying the sights, before  making it back to the art gallery.

The Groynes

I headed out in Willie’s truck the Groynes, and we found an excellent spot in picnic area 1, but nobody else was around. Were we the first ones there? We received a text from bubs saying that he’s set things up elsewhere at a lake because he has a canoe he wants to try out, but didn’t know how to give directions to where he was.

As a result, we went on quite the tiki-tour of the groynes as we try to find him, heading with a few other vehicles of ours to picnic area 2, backtracking, calling them back, until eventually we learn that he’s far past picnic area 2, over the bridge, past the golf course, and around at the fishing lakes area.

the groynes - map

The morning was spent getting food ready, and I used a magnetic travel-version of Scrabble to introduce some people to the game. They hadn’t played before so it was interesting to teach them the concepts involved, but after I was definitely looking forward to enjoying a game or two with people who knew how to play the game too.

It was a lovely BBQ, and we finished off with a tasty pavlova and an iced carrot cake, while watching over others play Pétanque.

Food Co-op

I headed back early with Willie to open up so people could pick up their food co-op packs, but found that no packs were here. After attempting to contact people such as Jenny, Rachael, and Laura – to no response – I found out from Des who runs the food co-op that everything went smoothly there, so our plans with Susheila or Laura went awry.

When others arrived for their packs it was an interesting time explaining that somehow the packs hadn’t arrived and asking for some patience while they were tracked down. When Jenny came back from the picnic she was straight on to Susheila to learn that through some miscommunication, the food packs had ended up at the art gallery instead. She was there until quarter to 2 wondering why is nobody turning up to collect their packs! It was little wonder – but in the end we got things sorted out and people were able to receive what their had ordered.