Troubles happen when trying to find Ranfurly Street, and Meet Me In St Louis has Tootie as quite the psychotic little monster.

Meet Me In St Louis

Tonight it was off to Kirsty’s place in St Albans, to enjoy an old musical, Meet Me In St Louis (1944).

Finding the place was a bit of a challenge to begin with. After heading down Springfield Road and failing to find a street sign for Ranfurly Street, it was time to engage my brain, and the street with no signs happened to be the one. Stopping off to ask a local about it, some street ruffians had pinched the signs a while ago. I’ll let the council know of this tomorrow and see what can be done.

Kirsty’s place was full of the festive spirit, and after catching up with some friends there we settled down to enjoy the movie.

Aside from the main story of girls trying to get engaged and the song numbers, one of the more interesting things that got our attention is that of the little girl Tootie.

Despite the efforts of others, this film is imbued with a sense of death and decay. During a Halloween prank, Tootie symbolically kills an older foreign neighbour with flour when he answers the door, and then as another halloweeen prank throws a dressed-up dummy in another symbolic act of murder on the tram tracks, causing the tram to jump off it’s tracks.

Tootie’s dolls suffer from a wide range of morbid illnesses, and on learning that they’ll be moving Tootie tells her father that she’ll have to go out and dig up  the graves of her dolls.

Near the end of the movie Tootie isn’t consoled by the bitter-sweet Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, and instead upset about the family moving to New York, runs out to the back yard to attack the snowmen which helps to change their father’s mind.

Tootie is quite the psychotic little monster, and her morbid fascination with death is seen at almost every point throughout the movie.

I’m sure that I’m just scratching the surface here too, for there’s a deeper symbolism involved in this supposedly light-hearted musical that may be related to events happening at the time, and deserves to be further explored.