Spare scooter keys are obtained, a kickstarter campaign for CoinAge is successful, and Kerbal Space Program makes for enjoyable rocket science.

Spare scooter keys

I finally have some spare keys for the scooter. When taking it in for a service earlier on in the week I requested some blanks, so that I could get some cut. Finally this morning I had the chance and went on in to Ross Galt in Sydenham, who were very reasonable about things and charged just $12 for cutting two keys.

CoinAge game

The other day I became involved in a kickstarter campaign for CoinAge, which is a physical area-control micro game. There’s a good CoinAge preview (video) and it succeeded just today too. They’re even providing a printable version of CoinAge (pdf) so that you can download it try it out. I found that the video preview made it easiest for me to understand the most about the game.

Kerbal Space Program

I’ve been finding out more about a sandbox game called Kerbal Space Program. Afterall, it’s rocket science – how hard can it be? It’s still in development but progress is coming along nicely. Day[9] of Starcraft fame it trying it out for the first time (video) knowing nothing about the game, and it becomes abundantly clear that more instruction from the game may be needed.

People achieve fantastic things with this game though such as rocketing off the planet and landing on the moon (video), or exploring more of the solar system. But mostly things end up with your victims Kerbals, – low of intelligence and high of stupidity commonly – ending up in a fiery explosion of fun.