The Die Hard movie is enjoyed, and vaccines are given an interesting and useful approach.

Die Hard

Yesterday I got to enjoy Die Hard (1988) which despite the time that has passed, still stands up well. There were some technical issues with things like the one-way radios, but they helped to drive the plot along. Mostly though it’s a still a highly enjoyable story of John McClane (Bruce Willis) a NYPD cop on vacation who ends up being vulnerable to the situation, before overcoming it in surprisingly pragmatic ways. Defeating the villain by unclasping the Rolex watch from his wife’s wrist for example, or by using xmas-themed packing tape to defeat the remaining bad guys at the end.

I was surprised to find out too that Die Hard is one of the few successful sequels that doesn’t seem to be one. The movie is based on Nothing Lasts Forever which is a sequel to The Detective. Die Hard was also going to be a sequel to Commando with Arnold Swarchenegger, but instead ended up becoming the excellent movie that it is today.

Penn Teller kill anti-anti vaccine argument

While getting things ready today, I came across an excellent demonstration about vaccines, where Penn & Teller deconstruct the argument against vaccines that does quite the beautiful job of demonstrating the conflict.