Today I experience some fabulous ginger ale, check out a Terry Pratchett’s Raising Steam, and ponder about integrating spheres.

Ginger Ale

Today involved quite a bit of preparation before. I head off to a oxford for the Christmas period, after all it’s not just myself that’s heading out there, but also a host of movies and other interesting things that need to be prepared I to take out with me for the family.

The ginger ale that I took along from Greg was quite the hit too. It was lovely and dry, and has an aspect about it that pleasantly remains with you for some time afterwards. This would sell quite well at a weekend market, although just how many to make before arriving at a reasonable profit is always the dilemma.

Raising Steam

On the way out we stop by the library, and it was a nice surprise to be picking up a Terry Pratchett’s latest book, Raising Steam. Reviews of the book are mixed at this stage, but I’ll hold off judgement on it until after I’ve made my way through a fair part of the story.

Integrate a sphere?

Throughout the course of the day, while delving into the topic of trigonometry for shelling enemy ships from a far-off high vantage point, I realised that if the area of a circle can be found by integration, then surely the surface area of a sphere, or its volume can be derived by similar means. If there’s any spare time tomorrow I’ll see if I can learn more on that.