Today we relax after a fabulous Christmas lunch throughout the afternoon with a holiday special, and enjoy some of the Royal Variety Performance.

Christmas lunch with holiday special

After an excellent christmas lunch, we relaxed and enjoyed a certain holiday special. Because though I’m not allowed to watch the Star Wars Holiday Special (1978), we instead enjoyed ones like the Kung Fu Panda Holiday (2010), and John Pinette: Still Hungry (2011), being a food topic that’s quite relevant to the season and is rib-splittingly funny.

Due to our enjoyment of it though, we were late for the TV1 news, but we’re fortunately able to jump in at the weather report and after the Queen’s Christmas message, flicked over to TV1+1 to catch up with the start of the news without having to put up with the sports.

Royal Variety Performance

Afterwards, the Royal Variety Performance was on the cards, but sadly this year it didn’t seem to contain much that was all that special. Mary J Blige did though have an interesting blues rendition of My Favourite Things.

The lack of adverts certainly was appreciated, all except of course for the Wednesday lotto draw. I guess there’s no stopping some types of greed – even on Christmas Day.

Olly Murs was very smooth and skilled in his performance. When Robbie Williams came on later to join him in a duo performance of Monkey Around, the difference between the two was quite startling.

The last part of the performance that was enjoyed tremendously was from some Hungarian shadow dancers called Attraction. Their performance was just utterly gorgeous, and are well worth the watch, if you can get the chance.