Today I realise the futility of giving scratchies as gifts, and find that plans are underway for an intriguing non-stop train from China.

Scratchies as gifts

I received quite a few scratch-n-win’s for christmas, and every singe one of them was a loser. What is it with giving people such things? It’s an easy choice for when you don’t know what to give someone, but because a person invariably ends up losing out, the giving a gift card or even money results in a better and highly appreciated gift.

Non-stop train from China

An interesting concept that I came across today is the train that never stops. How it handles things instead is to have a loading section at the platform which goes over the train. When the bullet train passes under a loading section, the section itself rolls on top of the train and brakes to a halt before reaching the back of the train, from where passengers can embark to the train below. Any passenger wanting to get off at the next stop wait up on the loading section which then rolls off at the next platform to a halt, making room for the next section from there.

It certainly seems to be an effective technique to maximise train travel time.