Zero Charisma is a painfully enjoyable look at nerding out with dungeons and dragons, and Man of Steel is best left unseen.


Zero Charisma

Zero Charisma (2013) is an intriguing painful character study of Scott Weidemeyer, a 30-something man-child who has alienated himself from much in the way of social responsibility. He has only one things left in his life that’s worth anything to him, role playing as game master of a dungeons and dragons group. Scott lives with his snippy grandmother, and after a stroke when his dysfunctional mother arrives, conflict occurs.

An opening occurs in the role-playing group and in comes Miles, a charismatic hipster with designer glasses, a successful blog, and a girlfriend. Scott has been getting quite serious about the game to the point where it’s no longer fun for the team. When a change of venue to Miles house occurs, Scott is gradually losing control over things too, and we end up caring and despising both of them.

It’s an excellent character study of what was want to aspire to, and to avoid in our lives, and has something of legit value to be appreciated by anyone in the nerd or geek realm.

Man of Steel

In the light of The Avengers, Man of Steel (2013) is unfortunately a dour feast with many problems. The story takes itself far too seriously and builds a ponderous mythology that takes itself far too seriously. Sadly it wasn’t possible to enjoy this movie, due to a large number of problems that were experienced with it:

  • Since when does superman have explosive take offs akin to rockets being fired
  • Much of the design aesthetic is reminiscent of Prometheus and Half Life 2
  • The battles in Manhattan reminded of wartime events from Iraq and Afghanistan
  • The saying of “a good death is it’s own reward” is completely at odds with a lack of humanity or dignity
  • Zod needs to avoid saying “for the greater good of my people” as it reminds too much of Hot Fuzz
  • The battles that are fought end up destroying many blocks of skyscrapers in Manhattan – there’s no longevity in that

Sadly this movie has the ponderousness from 300, the bleakness of the The Dark Knight, and the palette of Prometheus – and as such is best to be avoided.