I find out this morning that treatment has been a success for my liver, and make good progress on a walkthrough for a puzzling challenge map.

A healthy liver

It was off this morning to the hospital to get a fibroscan or my liver to see how it is doing. Back in 1980 I was being treated in hospital for burns, and they game me some bad blood with hepatitis C, which affects how well the liver can do its job. Earlier this year I took part in a clinical study to treat me for it, and according to all tests, the virus is no longer detectable from me.

A fibroscan is where they pulse sound waves through your liver it to work out how flexible it is. If it’sĀ cirrhotic and damaged then it’ll be stiff, and if it’s healthy then it’ll be flexible. Several months ago before my treatment it was fairly stiff with a reading of over 10, and today some time after the treatment has finished it’s in the healthy range of 3. This is something that I can be really pleased about, and means that much of the damage from when I was infected in hospital back in 1980, has been reversed.

Then it was in to CCST (Christchurch Clinical Studies Trust) for blood tests and other checkups such as blood pressure, temperature, etc. I only have one more check in March, after which treatment for the virus can be considered to be a full-blown success.

The Code III: The End

I’m working today on a tutorial/walkthrough for a puzzle challenge map for Minecraft, calledĀ The Code III: The End. Progress on the writing is going quite well, and about the biggest challenge is in how to represent different code and symbols in a text-based format.

the code iii - the end - blue room codes

The following ascii representations seems to be a good compromise though:

.     .    ---.       .---.       .   .
|    .        |       |   |       |   |          |
|---'      ---+---    |---+---    |---+---    ---+---
|   |         |       |   |       |   |          |
`---'      ---'       `---'       `---'---

Tomorrow I’ll finish off the walkthrough, and come up with a few variations, such as by collecting all of the symbol information first before moving on to solving the codes, or by working out a most efficient path so that the least amount of backtracking need be done.