I clean up downloads from January 2013, and find some interesting music and other goodies to share.

January 2013

 Due to the past year resulting in a large build-up of files in my downloads area, I figure that a useful way to reminisce about what the past year has brought can be achieved while cleaning it up. So for the next 12 days I’ll be going through each month of the downloads, moving some of them where they need to be, and will highlight any goodies that I come across.


This is when I dedicated quite a lot of time to organising my digital music collection, and was introduced to a lovely album from OceanLab – Sirens of the Sea, and the even better Andy Blueman – Sea Tides which is being added to my permanent rotation right now.

It’s also when I came across the entertaining Book of Mormon broadway performance by South Park creators Matt & Tray Parker.


This is when I was doing a lot of volunteer technical support for a game called Minecraft. I was on the #minecrafthelp IRC channel most hours of the day, and was in regular contact with the game developers. I even created an advanced error test program, which became instrumental in encouraging developers make improvements to the game to remove the need for such things.

Other January entertainments

Spec Ops – The Line was not so much enjoyable to play, but extremely eye-opening in how it takes you through a disturbing emotional story that unravels in an ever-increasing downward spiral. It’s quite the masterpiece.

Authors of a book Inception and Philosophy: Because It’s Never Just A Dream gave a riveting talk at Google.

And lastly for some light entertainment, an electrician attempts to demonstrate electrostatic discharge safety.