Some interesting things have come to light while organising them and deleting downloads from February 2013, and I finish a walkthrough for The Code III, a Minecraft challenge map.

February 2013 goodies

From Data to Knowledge

A very interesting lecture from Dr Andrew Dillon called From Data to Knowledge also arrived, about how computers are used to gather vast amounts of data, but there’s a series of levels that build up from data that aren’t being attended to, such as information, knowledge, and wisdom.

The Heist

The Heist album also arrived in February from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis who provide a very avant-garde approach to things with a family-friendly hiphop style, which is strangely fascinating.


I was also introduced to the Emberverse series of books by S. M Stirling, a post-apocalyptic alternate history about a recent civilisation propelled back to the middle ages. It’s a compelling series alright but devil take me if I can find the time to delve as deeply as I want to into it.

Jelly No Puzzle

Also in February of last year I was really in to a small but clever free puzzle game called Jelly No Puzzle. It got to the point where I was advising people so much about how to solve the levels, that I recorded a series of video walkthroughs for it.

The Code III – A Walkthrough

More recently I took a look at a Minecraft challenge map series called The Code, which also has a Part II and a Part III. Because the third part came out just a few weeks ago and was so good, I spent the better part of a day writing up well over 9000 words for a complete walkthrough to the game, and the next day reordering the way in which things were solved, making maps and diagrams, and other such tweaks. It has been an interesting exercise to get involved with, and feedback from the author and others in the community will be well looked forward to.