Tidying up of The Code III: The End walkthrough, goodies from tidying up March last year, and board games of Rummikub and Jamaica were enjoyed.

Reworking a walkthrough

Much of today has been spent tidying up a walkthrough for The Code III: The End that I put together yesterday. Further details on areas and inspiration to reorder some parts of it has occurred, which has led me to the conclusion that reordering a many-numbered document (over 50 now) that has to be also edited in several formats (html, message board, text) is a task that’s best left for when lots of time is available, but the work’s done now.

After reading through it three are several other tidy ups that could be done too though, so I’ll get a polished version put together for tomorrow which should see an end to much of that work.

March 2013 goodies


In March I found out about a recent excellent video about JavaScript syntax, given by Douglas Crockford. He’s one of the luminaries in that area, perhaps the top one, so what he has to say can be considered the same as words from Moses. The video Douglas Crockford – Syntaxation was excellent to help nail down less confusing and less complex ways of doing things.

$9 Reel Club voucher

It’s also when I found out about a $9 ticket voucher by Reading Cinema to reel-club members to their feature movie, which still applies today to. This is a good special to keep in mind since¬†we attend many such features over the course of the year.

Board games

Tonight it was off to enjoy some board games at Francis’ place above New Brighton. Sadly though due to the holiday season nobody else arrived, so the family and I got together to enjoy a good evening with Rummikub and Jamaica.


Rummikub is a tile-based rummy game where you form sets of either a sequence of colour, or at least three different colours of same number. Starting can be delayed at times due to needing to play 30 points or more on your first play, but after that things get interesting for you can rearrange the played tiles to help yourself out, as long as all sets remains a valid by the end of your turn.


Jamaica is a fun and beautiful game to play, where you race your ship around a course using different choice of cards to determine your play, and using gold, food and gunpowder to deal with different situations. I could wish though for instructions that are easier to access. They’re laid out beautifully but some things are left unclear, and referring to them results in unfolding them time and time again which is less accessible that when in booklet form.

Overall though despite the large numbers it was enjoyable and a good success.