Cleaning up downloads and files from June 2013 I find out about the trucker’s hitch, some interesting sci-fi books, music techniques and albums to listen to, along with some entertaining and challenging puzzle games.

June 2013 goodies

Trucker’s Hitch

truckers-hitchWhile moving back in June I found out about the incredibly useful trucker’s hitch. It’s designed to easily secure a load, while also being able to be easily untied when you’re finished, and after working through a series of poor video about them I found this excellent how to tie a trucker’s hitch video that combines together all the little details that make it an easy and effective knot to use.

Sci-fi books

I found out about another excellent hard sci-fi series of books which I’ll never have time to read, called the Antares Series by Michael McCollum. I’ve also found out about where I heard about it too. Steve Gibson does a security podcast called Security Now that deals with computer security issues, and as he’s also really in to sci-fi fiction he has a list of recommended books. If I ever find myself with a few years with nothing to do, this is going to be my go-to list of what to read.


An excellent video explaining the circle of fifths came about, that does a brilliant job of taking you through  a practical demonstration of what they’re all about.

Yesterday I found a collection of stuff from 2011 and 2012 that’ll need to be waded through at some stage. Today I find that in June I had organised a separate music collection that need to be delved in to as well, that contains a number of as-of-yet unorganised albums, including: And So This Is Christmas, Armin Only, C + C Music Factory, Everythinks a Ripple Essential Ibiza, Evenescence, FantomenK, I’ve Heard That Song Before, Cultura De Club, One Shot Christmas, Turnabout Jazz Soul, Euphoria, Ultimate Clubland, and Wild Summer.

Most of these I’ll no doubt ditch after giving them a listen to, so I’ll have to schedule some time to do this. I’ll put them on to a USB stick to take in to the community centre, and make good use of slow periods out there.


Also during June I came across some really interesting puzzle games, such as English Country Tune (reviewtrailer) and Space Chem (review, trailer).

English Country Tune

English Country Tune

Space Chem

Space Chem