It was a busy month for me in July of last year, but mostly things revolved around music and techniques such as code katas.

July 2013 goodies

Electro Swing

Back in July some electro-swing music took my interest once again, so it was time to get works from some of the luminaries of the genre, including Parov Stelar and Caravan Palace. As such, a series of Electro Swing albums were interesting and useful to work through too.

Lyrics visualisation

There was also a good itunes lyrics visualiser called Cover Version, so that while the song is playing the lyrics (that you need to supply) appear over a fullscreen version the album cover. As a stand-alone music organiser/player I do prefer the open-source Amarock, but since I have Apple products to work with then it’s pretty much iTunes for me.

Sublime Text

Sublime Text also started to take my interest as a paid text editor, for it has some coding benefits that are just too good to pass up and ignore. When I looked deeper automated testing, I also dove in to code katas.

Code katas

Code katas and pair programming have become very useful coding techniques. The bowling game kata was a good one to practice with. There were a whole slew of them were available over at but they have since been removed as they are now in a book called The Coding Dojo Handbook. Thanks to though we can still access the old code kata articles.

A number of videos of people doing code katas are available too at the code kata site, but nothing replaces just getting in there and doing it yourself, for each time you find that there are refinements that you learn about each time, which then extends to the other work that you do too.