Nearing the end of cleaning up my downloads folder I come across some interesting techniques, and a tealight heater worth checking out, then relax at a Jazz & Blues concert.

November 2013 goodies

Gravity gun

People are doing interesting things using the graphic editing abilities of their computers now. Some group have taken an interest in a game called Half-Life 2, and have expanded on it with a well presented live-action section on the origin of The Gravity Gun.

Miss Ping

I also came across a viral video called Miss Ping (Tumba Ping Pong Show) where knifes are thrown in to ping-pong paddles held by a girl, and even more interesting a Miss Ping Debunk video that takes you through how they did it. Both groups also have a range of other interesting videos in their collection too.

Tealight heater

On a more realistic wavelength, So this is a nifty little way to heat your room presents an effective homemade heater that can take the heat from tiny tealights and turn them in to an effective heater.

Breaking Bad alternate ending

And lastly, after the end of Breaking Bad a couple of alternative endings came out, including an “it was all a dream” sequence, but the most pleasing one is this Breaking Bad Season 5 Alternate Ending where we return to Malcolm in the Middle with Hal waking up in bed with Lois, and sharing with her all about his bad dream.

Jazz & Blues

This evening it was off to a Jazz & Blues concert being held at Beverly Park by the Avonside Drive. I wasn’t aware that the park carries on through to a secluded area, which can be seen on a map of Beverly Park, and it made for an excellent venue for the concert.

It was a good opportunity to sit down and relax, enjoy a meal with others, and just take in the atmosphere while you unwind from the stresses of the week.