Fixing things up at the Hepatitis C Resource Centre, brunch on hold due to hospital delays, good deals for computer cabling, and dealing with a too-hot computer – it’s all on.

Hepatitis C Resource Centre

First thing this morning it was around to the Hepatitis C Resource Centre to help with a few issues.

One of their email programs wasn’t receiving scans emailed from the photocopier, and it didn’t take long to work out that they were in the Junk folder. A few simple rules later and they won’t end up in there again.

A more worrying concern though is that the power button on their computer stopped working. Opening things up we found that a support for the power switch had broken, so a temporary fix is in place while options are considered. Do we try to get a replacement switch, or just glue it in place? That we’ll consider for later.

Brunch on hold

Due to plans for a birthday brunch with my parents this morning, breakfast was held off until then. A hospital appointment for them though totally messed up our plans, and by the time lunch rolled around they were still waiting to get a blood test done. After 1 I found out that they had to stay there for another appointment and that we wouldn’t be able to do things today, at which point I tucked gratefully in to some lunch.


Nicky seems to have had some trouble with the cable for her iPad, where it’s been pulled and yanked too many times. Because I was going to be in the area, I suggested that we get something for her from Computer & Data Cabling and perhaps a usb extension cable to help reduce further issues.

Noel Leemings was asking $36 for just the iPad cable, and at Computer & Data Cabling both the iPad cable and usb extension were at a very decent combined price of $11 ($6 for the iPad cable, and $5 for the USB extension). With a tenner in hand I managed to get them for just $10, and so they now have a guaranteed loyal customer.

Thermal paste for CPU

My desktop computer has been complaining over the past couple of days about the temperature getting too high, where the motherboard emits a warning buzzer, so it was time to get something done about that and head off to Jaycar Electronics who are a good source for such things at a good price.

Removing the CPU heat-sink I find that the compound that used to be there is all but gone now, and the addition of some more now results in a significant improvement. The CPU temperature is now lower by 15 degrees, and videos can now be played on there without boiling its brains to oblivion.