I realise that a rare visit to my aunt needs to occur more often, a piano toy while capable of being converted for the new iPad has issues, and new blood arrives at the Go club.

Visiting the elderly

While over on Blenheim Road to make some arrangements with My Motus about my scooter, it presented a good opportunity for me to visit with my aunt over at St Allisa Lifecare. Someone from the front took me through, as it’s quite the rabbit warren in there but eventually we found our way to her room.

She’s in her 80’s now, and it felt strange to do so after not having seen her for such a long time. While we caught up it was strange to have her offer items from her dinner, which were for the most part politely declined. Even though she’s quite frail now it was well worth the visit, and is something that I must do more often.

Piano apprentice

A few days ago a fiend of mine acquired a toy keyboard for his iPad called the ION Piano Apprentice. It uses a 30-pin connector and he has the newer lightning connector on his iPad 4.

Getting an adaptor for it was easy, but even with that we found that when connecting the keyboard a message comes up, saying that there may be trouble due to not having compatible drivers. What a nuisance. The box told us that it was compatible with the his iPad, but only when looking further do we find that it’s for the iPad 2 or older. The new iPad needs a different version of the keyboard, so plans for that will have to be changed.

Go club

At tonight’s Go club we had a couple of new players attending, which was excellent to see. One of them is fairly strong at around 3-kyu on the multiplayer servers, and the other chap is doing well even though he’s just begun over the past few months. It’ll be great to see more of them there in the future.