Today it was off to the busker festival, where I relax and enjoy the day, before attending the evening comedy club performances.

Busker festival

This afternoon on the way out to a dnd afternoon in Parklands I realised that a message on my phone about delaying things until next week was not from over a week ago, so plans for that were off and I could attend the meetup event that I’d signed up for after all.

I whiled away the afternoon in Hagley Park enjoying the acts, catching up with some of the meetup group while I was there and having a good time of things. My most favourite show was the Chipolatas, who blend accordion music with their act in a delightful manner.

The evening was spent at the comedy club where I find that you’re allowed to bring your own food with you now. All shows there were enjoyable and things got cold enough after 8 to require a decent jacket, but most of the acts were quite enjoyable with only some having more work to do on their act than others.

Box of Tricks

Box of Tricks are a Lyttleton group that don’t seem to have much material at the moment, and started things off a bit badly with a crowd-gathering technique that was completely undesired, as a the comedy club doesn’t need such routines. However without that their act would have been even shorter in length. Should I be kinder on them because they are a local group? No, that wouldn’t be right.

Despite the short amount of content that they currently have, they left quite an impression, but I’m not sure that it’s an impression they want to leave. It’s a strong-man act that can do without the bunny ears, and the lady’s personality was so harsh that it screams man-hating feminist. I’ve seen other similar acts where the guy appropriately responds to such things which improves the act tremendously, but as things stand he’s just a donkey doing the heavy-lifting for her with no personality in the act. If they can get on top of that, their show will improve greatly.

Peter Mielniczek

Peter Mielniczek has a one-note routine of plate-spinning that works quite well. His bit about theory and how just stepping through the doorway improves things goes down a treat, and it seems that the frustrated screaming must be quite therapeutic, in a Basil Fawlty manner. I’ve seen his act a few times before a few years ago, and it’s a shame that the wind caused such trouble for him this time. The good news about his act though is that it’s the sort that works well regardless of whether he succeeds or not, for when he does succeed it’s worth it.

Cirque No Problem

Cirque No Problem are the last of the notable acts this evening. They are a Hungarian high-wire husband/wife team who have a vibrant and expansive attitude about things. The music from the first half of their act is completely crazy and I want to find out what it’s called for use later on, and the Total Eclipse of the Heart piece that they finish with on their portable trapeze is very special and enjoyable.