Today I catch up with a friend while we enjoy some shows, including We Are What We Are, and Captain Phillips.

Movie night

We Are What We Are

We Are What We Are (2013) is a reboot of the mexican We Are What We Are (2010) that improves on the original. The story is about a family of reluctant cannibals in the Catskills, in up-state New York. When their mother dies two girls need to take over her sacred role of preparing the family meal. Their father, weakened with shakes brought on by prion disease, maintains their religious ways and the family tradition, passed on by a 1700’s diary of their family survival which requires days of fasting and followed by the sacred meal.

They’ve managed to remain relatively unknown in the area due to taking only one person a year. However even at that rate in such a remote location, the evidence is piling up and locals are finding cooked bones in the river. Things come to an interesting head when the reluctant girls finally turn, and ends with an impressively performed grand-mal feeding.

Captain Phillips

Tonight we also saw Captain Phillips (2013) again, which is the impressively told story of a cargo ship captain (Tom Hanks) taken hostage by Somali pirates. I’ve written about Captain Phillips before, but on seeing it again I’m struck with how tightly the story is structured, resulting in a beautifully executed series of sequences. The last scene initially wasn’t planned, but after going down to the infirmary they decided to film a scene there with Danielle Albert who is in real life on ship’s infirmary staff. This results in a very real-to-life scene where he comes to terms with now being in safe hands amidst her comforting words that he is now safe, that everything is okay while she checks him over, making one of the most emotionally wrenching scenes that I’ve enjoyed.