Today good progress is made thanks to some regression analysis, and the pub quiz has an intriguing question about middle-east garb.

Regression Analysis

Log-log graph on a fuselage effect chart

Log-log graph on a fuselage effect chart

It’s been an interesting day today as I’ve been using regression analysis to try to figure out a formulas that matches some graphs.

Effectively the ideas is that you take several values from the graph, and using some regression tools you can have it estimate a formula that best fits your data, depending on whether you think that it’s linear, logarithmic, a power sequence, quadratic, and such-like.

Getting the values from the graph was interesting in and of itself, for we overlaid a log-log chart in order to obtain nicely accurate values, which when plugged in to the regression tools resulted in entertainingly bad formulas for the bad types, and an amazingly accurate formula when we picked a quadratic series.

Pub quiz

At this weeks pub quiz we made good use of last week’s winnings, but one of the questions puzzled us more than others.

The question was, which of these garments show more of the face than the others: burka, hijab, or niqab? Only when the answer was given did we find out that the hijab shows the full face, whereas the burka and the niqab result in just a slit for the eyes.