The sceptics group met up for a presentation tonight at CPIT the local polytech, and the Christchurch Go club is growing nicely.

The Subtle Sceptic

Tonight a presentation was being held by Sceptics in the Pub at the polytech, called The Subtle Sceptic: How to Encourage Rational Thinking and Not Be a Dick, by Dr Michael Edmonds.

It was inspired by a talk at TAM 11 (The Amaz!ng Meeting) by Phill Platt called Don’t Be a Dick but instead of focusing on what not to do, Michael is providing info on the more positive side instead about what should be done.

He also mentioned some interesting books for us too, such as 59 Seconds: Change Your Life in Under a Minute and Predictably Irrational, Revised and Expanded Edition: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions.

Afterwards we retired across the road to Winnie Bagoes to enjoy a drink, and most of the others remained for a meal of their delicious pizza. I didn’t hang around though and headed off instead to the ago club evening.

Christchurch Go Club

It was a busy night tonight what with having 16 people there. We’ve had a few more people join us over the holiday break, and as a result we’re enjoyably busy with things. It’s challenging when playing with weaker players to try and understand where they need improvement and to appropriately explain it to them, but with a bit of patience and sometimes appropriate resources, things can be resolved well.

Some things that can help are to understand how they can create live groups for example, or find out more on how their groups are made weaker by being split up, or from a shortage of liberties, or that the edge of the board can be a dangerous area. There an incredibly useful set of information for beginners about this, at the go sensai page.