Taking the scooter in the dealer for a 1000 km check, and alternate plans for the evening at the Busker Comedy Club.

Scooter service

It was off this morning to take the scooter in for a 1000 km service out on My Motus on Blenheim Road, and bus back in to open things up. things have been mostly going well with it up to now, with only a small balance issue where it leans to the left when hands are off the handlebars. I’m told that it’s likely to be the camber of the road resulting in that, but I’ve since checked things on the opposite camber and the issue still remains. The balance shouldn’t be off at all of course and my previous bike was rock-solid under such conditions.

Other issues with the bike are just small things, such as how the full-sized helmet nearly fits under the seat, but not without buckling the seat support so that’s not a good idea, or hard braking with the front wheel results in some interesting sounds from the front, but such things are small issues indeed for the low-priced VPA-50.

Busker Comedy Club

Tonight I would have been of to New Brighton for a D&D evening, but others couldn’t make it to it was to the Busker Festival instead.

Attempting to park my scooter with the bicycles resulted in a bit of a verbal tiff with security. The chap had the mistaken belief that I was wanting to go through barricades and through the park. It was only when I directly countered his thought process by saying that I do not want to go through the barricades, that his train of thought derailed enough so that I could redirect his attention to the location of the bicycles, and that I was wanting to park there instead, which was fully okay once he understood what I was wanting to do.

In the Comedy Club itself I found last time that the benches were uncomfortable even with a cushion, so I brought along a portable chair to set up instead. In the side area for them there was a speaker support directly in the way of the stage, so I asked another security guard if a picket fence by sponsors area was okay to use instead. Everything was good by him, but when I went to set up there a higher-level organiser came by change those plans.

Asher Treleven

Asher Treleven is the MC for the club, introducing the acts and keeping the pace going between. Later on when a heckler in the sponsors area interrupted things too much, he delicately placed himself at a nearby seat in the area just in case things needed to be taken further. Due to such behind-the-scenes actions, the whole evening went well indeed.

Most of the acts seemed to be from America tonight, but given that they were all still quite enjoyable.

Mr Spin

Mr Spin from Australia started things off with some good energy, and involves juggling with aluminium baseball bats. His finale involves an eight-foot zig-zag shaped unicycle, while balancing a tumbler of water on his bald head and juggling those bats. Given the high winds we had this evening things could have gone very bad for him, but things ended up well.

Cate Great

American Cate Great‘s act involves acrobatics, the rola bola (balance plank on pipe), and juggling in high winds. Her use of Take My Breath Away was nicely used, but the relationship theme she uses with an audience volunteer just grates, with the use of “Just using you for your body”, “It’s not you it’s me”, “I’m in a difficult place right now”, and other such tropes to keep him coming and going, result less in entertainment and more in sympathy for the poor devil. She has a nice ending to her show though, involving clever balance finishing with a one-handed routine ending in a superman pose.

Knuck ‘n’ Futz

Knuck ‘n’ Futz rounded out the first half who are an odd-couple, one being an American Western banjo singer and the other being a skilled slapstick comedian. Things go downhill a bit when an audience member is brought up to be a horse, complete with a horse head mask and saddle, bring ridden around on the stage. Someone being degraded like that seemed to only be enjoyed by the drunks. But when that part finished they moved on to more enjoyable parts of their act.

Meet Pete

Meet Pete also from America has a good slack-rope routine. His attitude and behaviour are of someone with a very low IQ which endears him to the audience, and helps to add to the enjoyable nature of his show that starts off with crystal ball routine that while good, is for a more close-up audience, and ends with an enjoyable slack-rope routine.

Fraser Hooper

Fraser Hooper is a clown of the most traditional fashion, doing so without make-up, artefacts or even by saying anything. His light-hearted antics result in an enjoyable show for all. This time around he’s using a boxing routine where a girl from the audience uses a Novation Launchpad to provide sound effects throughout.

Cirque No Problem

The last and best act of the evening was Cirque No Problem who I saw on Saturday too. This Hungary/Israel couple have enjoyably colourful costumes and a sparkling attitude to match. I’m still trying to figure out the music from the first part of their act, but it’s fast paced trumpet music, and even when using an app such as Shazam which can identify other music, it cannot determine this particular song.

The main part of their acts consists of getting up 6 audience members to help steady their double-trapeze act, which is done to the music of Total Eclipse of the Heart and has many enjoyable moments, before culminating in a romantic end to their high-energy act.