Getting back in to things at Christine Products and Hepatitis C Resource Centre email accounts, and an enjoyable board games evening with Bohnanza and Munchkin.


Modules and printers

This morning it was off to Christine Products to catch up with them after the new year, where some questions about modules arose. These are ways of combining different parts of their stock in to a set unit, so that they can easily track and sell them as entire groups, and some questions arose about differences between parts price, kit price, and each price, and a desire for a few improvements to be made to the interface, so I’ll be catching up with John later on today who created the DataTech system so that I can make sense of it all.

Their printing of statements could also do with being refined, as currently it means they have to roll back the page after each page, so a dot-matrix printer has been handed over so that I can get some testing done on that to help tweak and resolve the problem.

New Accounts

It was also off to the Hepatitis C Resource Centre today to set up new email accounts for them, but the place was empty at the time. The new accounts were still set up though, but nobody can access them right now until their computer is setup to do so. Hopefully we can do that sometime on Monday instead.

Board games

After catching up with John about DataTech stuff it was off to Frances’ place in New Brighton for a board games evening. I took them through the old DOS Clipper programming language that’s used for DataTech, which was enjoyed in fascinating of horrors sort of way, while waiting for others to arrive.


Bohnanza is the first game that we cracked open, literally as it was still shrink-wrapped, and is a bean trading game. You start off this game with a hand of bean cards, and you’re not allowed to rearrange your hand – you have to play them in the order that you drew them. The cards are show a colourful range of anthropomorphic cartoon beans in different types of poses, such as soy beans, chili beans, coffee beans, etc. The aim of the game is to make coins by planting and harvesting beans, but you can only plant up to two on your turn, and you only have two different areas that you can plant in, with the option to purchase a third area.

Trading is main mechanism that you can use to help you out in the game. Each turn consists of two sets of plant/draw actions. On your turn you have to plant one or two beans from your hand. If you already have the same type planted then you can add on to that, but if you have no room then you have to harvest something before you can plant it. The challenge there is that you aren’t allowed to harvest single card plots if larger plots exist, so during other peoples turns you need to get rid of cards from your hand that you don’t want.

After you’ve planted one or two beans, you draw two from the deck face up on the table where the current player has the option of trading them or any cards from their hand with other players. Those drawn faceup cards must be planted if they remain after trading. Anything in your hand can be traded too, and some cards are worth more than others so sometimes careful negotiation occurs. Once trading is complete all traded cards are planted, and you then draw three cards to your hand, which become useful for trading when other players have their turn.

It’s an interesting mechanism for the game, and strangely enough resulted in very close scores where all but one of us had nearly identical scores.


After Bohnanza we followed up by introducing some people to the game of Munchkin, which is a fun dungeon crawler where you use a crazy set of cards to give you fun powers, and use them against other players as they try to reach level 10 before you do. For this particular game I ended ended up getting there first, but not before others dumped all sorts of bonuses to prevent me getting there, even after I used a doppelganger card to double my abilities. After that we went against the rules where some players traded cards from their hands to throw on even more bonuses, resulting in me being thrown all the way back down to level 1 to start all over again 🙂 It’s enjoyable craziness, and always makes for a fun time.