I head off to help the voice of Canterbury racing with some computer woes, and the first of the inner city community newsletters arrive.

Supporting Canterbury racing

Linda passed my details on to a relation to help with their computer woes, and it was for none other than Reon Murtha who has been the voice of Canterbury racing for nearly 50 years.

It only took a few hours to get his email and web browser issues dealt with, improve his security with Avast and use other tools such as Malwarebytes to clean up afterwards, but we had a good chat about things throughout and it seems that he also has fairly good support from a friend who can help him with other minor issues on there too.

Community Newsletter

The first of the inner city community newsletters arrived today. Happily the good people from IDEA came along to help with the process. A few had trouble with the process of folding them correctly, but after a re-education session to help them out things went well. Tomorrow I’ll get in touch with several people to organise getting these out and about, and we should be done with things there.