Community newsletters get delivered, Radio Ferrymead is back on at the Linwood Community Centre, and some enjoyable splitting attacks occur at the Christchurch Go Club.

Community newsletters

People have been coming in from IDEA and TeawaTrust to help with deliveries of the community newsletters. Because we have historically done them by the street, when they are normally done by the block instead, we are having to educate some of the them about things. It’s not just a single street that they do for example. When they get down to Linwood Ave they have to turn left at the corner and go down the side to the next block for example, so that people there don’t end up missing out.

I may have to end up printing out some variations of the maps to show the individual routes and how they connect up.

Radio Ferrymead

The old radio that we used to have at the community centre gave out several months ago, and a replacement has been sought for for some while. Nicky has had an one at her place but with no power cable, so combining that with my cables collection has resulted in a replacement radio for the community centre.

This means that on Fridays we can now tune in to Radio Ferrymead to enjoy their old time tunes, which makes for a nice change of pace to things.


Tonight at the Christchurch Go Club I was up against someone evenly matched with myself, and it was quite the enjoyable struggle. and managed to come out ahead thanks to a couple of splitting attacks.

splitting attack 1The first attempt was made using a group of white stones that both of us initially thought was dead.

I didn’t end up winning any additional territory in the area that I attacked, but thanks to a splitting attack against the two sets of weak black stones, he had to responded to those threats which allowed me to gain sente and make life for the white group.

splitting attack 2The other splitting attack was performed on a group at the upper right. We were approaching the very end of the game and I realised that some aji was available.

After playing at the numbered white stone he had to make a choice of which group to save, resulting in the other group being killed. He went for the corner while I attacked over to the side.

The end result was a gain of 17 points which helped to turn an uncertain edge in to a convincing win. It was quite a struggle that game, but enjoyably well worth it.